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We are a fast growing company with design and manufacturing facilities for Tubular batteries, which are being supplied all over India to meet the industrial, commercial & individual requirements and needs.
We wish to introduce to you, our "Customer Services" division. This is a full- fledged department engaged in providing "Total Solutions" for your batteries.
Our customer service division is dedicated to giving full satisfaction to all our valued customers. Our services are backed up with well-trained and experienced technicians and engineers...
Please visit the Customer Support section to send us your queries or service requirements. Alternately.

Email: customersupport@onandonbatteries.com
Phone: 1800 123 0115 (Toll free)


1) Warranty Management for all registered complaints logged in by the customer.

2) Preventive Maintenance for Tubular Batteries

3) Technical assistance to the customers.

4) Guidelines on Installation & Commissioning.

5) Procedures for handling lead-acid batteries.

6) Technical presentation to Customers on request.

7) Scrap/Used Batteries Disposal Assistance.


1) TAMIL NADU (TRICHY) - 9843043495

2) KERALA - 9946411115